NoSQL Road Show Basel 2012

Presentation: "MongoDB's Replica Sets -Painless scaling and High Availability (HA)"

Time: Thursday 16:30 - 17:00 / Location: Geneva IV

Viktor Petersson, CEO of WireLoad Inc, will be talking about MongoDB. The focus will be on its Replica Sets, and how this enables painless scaling and High Availability (HA). The talk presentation assumes basic understanding of network architecture.

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Viktor Petersson, CEO of WireLoad Inc

Viktor Petersson

Biography: Viktor Petersson

Viktor grew up in Sweden, but moved to Silicon Valley in 2004. While still in college he co-founded the software company WireLoad, Inc. He graduated from Santa Clara University with a major in Business Management. While Viktor’s academic background is in the field of business, his true passion has always been technology. Since then, Viktor has grown WireLoad into a successful business. The flagship product is YippieMove - an online email migration tool (SaaS) used by clients ranging from big Google Apps-resellers, to universities and single-user customers. Viktor started working with Linux in the late 90s, long before it was a trendy buzzword in the mainstream media, and has been working with Unix and Linux in one way or another ever since. At WireLoad, he designed a cloud-based architecture that scales significantly up and down with demand. The entire architecture is running on FreeBSD, and uses technologies like Django, Gunicorn, MongoDB, Nginx, PostgreSQL, and Varnish. He first got his hands on MongoDB in 2011, and immediately fell in love with its simplicity and elegant design. After years of working with setting up and scaling relational databases, MongoDB offered simple solutions to what in the relational database world, were complex and tedious problems.

Twitter: @vpetersson