NoSQL and Highly Scalable Systems – The Theory, The Practise and the Case Studies

London GB
Tuesday November 29th, 2011

These informative and intensive half-day sessions are designed to give participants an overview of the changing landscape around data management – highlighted by concepts like “Big Data” and NoSQL databases. After introducing the business problems, attendees will learn how to attack these growing issues, and hear first-hand how organizations were able to solve their modern data problems with innovative solutions.

Matt Aslet
Senior Analyst, Enterprise Software
Marcus Kern
CTO of Mobile Interactive Group (MIG)
Antony Falco
COO of Basho
Francesco Cesarini
Author of Erlang Programming
Jørn Larsen
CEO of Trifork


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£ 45 + 20% VAT

Why is it called
«Road Show»?

Because we showcase our event in three European capitals:


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