NoSQL Road Show Basel 2012

Christian Gügi, Software Architect of Sentric

Christian Gügi

Biography: Christian Gügi

Christian is a Software Architect at sentric, where he is working extensively with open source software on big data and search problems. He has over ten years of experience in software system architecture, design and development, recently focusing on processing large data sets using the Hadoop ecosystem. He is a co-founder and organizer of the Swiss BigData User Group.

Twitter: @chrisgugi

Presentation: Near real time processing of social media data with HBase

Time: Thursday 14:30 - 15:00 / Location: Geneva IV

Monitoring social media and news media in general is kind of building a search engine - a specific search engine called news agent. Where classical search engines are about to have all kind of content, newsagent focus on news and social media only. This is where content freshness matters - it has to be near real time.

In order to process several million news with hundreds of Megabytes per day one has to choose a system architecture that is reliable on one hand and massive scalable at the other hand. Those requirements leads to a distributed architecture, a NoSQL approach.

This talk will give you a brief overview about the Media Monitoring use case, the system architecture based on Hadoop and HBase, challenges and lessons learned.