NoSQL Roadshow Amsterdam 2012

Aleh Aleshka, Senior R&D Engineer at Altoros

Aleh Aleshka

Biography: Aleh Aleshka

Oleg is a Senior R&D Engineer at Altoros. He specializes in working with big data projects and is a keen adopter of NoSQL and cloud technologies. Oleg is an author of a public cloud system performance benchmarking conducted for a world-known cloud infrastructure provider. As a consultant and analyst on data intensive projects, he developed recommendations on Hadoop implementation and performance acceleration of the cloud-based systems. Oleg has strong experience in dealing with high-performance asynchronous tasks, working with Amazon Web Services, and cloud infrastructure deployment. He is a member of Scala Enthusiasts community in Eastern Europe and was a speaker at a number of local events.

Presentation: Case Study: Making Hadoop & Cassandra Work Together to process 5+Tb of Data Daily

Time: Thursday 09:45 - 10:30 / Location: Room 1

Unless you have implemented architectures that use NoSQL databases and frameworks that support data-intensive distributed applications, then myriads of options are probably a slight enigma.
This session will give you an insight into what to consider when you need to make a NoSQL column based database like Cassandra work together with data-intensive distributed framework like Hadoop.
• The basic product idea

- Why NoSQL?
- The problem: need to collect, process and store 5Tb of data daily
• The solution: A combination of Cassandra, Hadoop and some MySQL
• Best practices for modeling your data in Cassandra
• Best practices for scaling Hadoop Clusters
• Lessons learned about Cassandra’s strong and weak areas
• Lessons learned from implementing Map/Reduce
• Anti-Patterns (things to avoid)