NoSQL Search Roadshow Amsterdam 2013

Presentation: "When Competitors Band Together"

Time: Thursday 11:50 - 12:35 / Location: Room 11

Find out how news content from many completely different systems is being unified, how semantics is driving search, and how this new platform will drive new applications and services for B2B and B2C markets. Twelve competing Dutch newspaper publishers, representing more than 50 papers, have banded together to put all their content in one searchable platform called "Newz" to drive innovation of new information applications.

Michel de Ru, Commercial Manager, Dayon

Michel de Ru

Biography: Michel de Ru

Michel has been active in the area of content technology for more than 15 years, operating through Dayon, which offers on Content Strategy and Content Technology solutions. In cooperation with customers like Kluwer, Sdu and Dutch Railroads, Michel mapped out and implemented the business publishing process. Michel specializes in content solutions that deliver Big Data challenges. By combining Big Data and Semantic Technology, he is able to turn implicit knowledge in content towards new products and services.

Twitter: @michelderu