NoSQL Search Roadshow Amsterdam 2013

08:30 Registration

Crossing the chasm with NoSQL

Akmal B.Chaudhri

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09:45 Break
Technical Presentations Vendor Presentations

Combining Semantic, Relational and Document NoSQL worlds, and doing something useful with it too

Emil Zegers

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Introduction to Riak

Stuart McCaul

Room 11

10:40 Break

Yokozuna, combining Solr with Riak

Dan Brown

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Getting started with Graph Databases

Rik Van Bruggen

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11:35 Break

Test-Driven Data Modeling with Graphs

Ian Robinson

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When Competitors Band Together

Michel de Ru

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12:35 Break

MySQL and NoSQL: Best of both worlds

Mark Swarbrick

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Running NoSQL natively on Flash

Tomas Rochner

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13:30 Lunch
Technical Training Industry Specific Use Case

Riak Training

Dan Brown

Room 9

Neo4j Training

Ian Robinson

Room 10

MarkLogic Training

Ken Tune

Room 2

Big Memory - Scale-in vs. Scale-out

Niklas Bjorkman

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15:15 Break

The Triumph of Simplicity: how database complexity will be replaced by simple services

Ian Plosker

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16:10 Break
16:25 (Continued) (Continued) (Continued)

Counting events reliably in real-time with storm and riak

Frank Schroeder

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17:10 Break

Search: the right tool, but what's the job?

Jettro Coenradie

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18:05 End of NoSQL Search Roadshow Amsterdam