NoSQL Roadshow London 2012

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The Theory, The Practice and the Case Studies


Are you frustrated by growing data requirements and interested in how non-relational databases could help? Curious about where and how NoSQL systems are being deployed? Want to build a "real" Highly Scalable System? Answered yes to any of these questions? Then the NoSQL Roadshow might be of interest to you.

These informative and intensive 1 day session is designed to give you an overview of the changing landscape around data management highlighted by concepts like "Big Data" and NoSQL databases, that are based on non traditional, non relational model. The NoSQL Roadshow is addressed for everyone who is interested in faster and cheaper solutions to managing fast growing databases and data stores.

After introducing the business problems, you will learn how to attack these growing issues and hear first-hand how organisations were able to solve their modern data problems with innovative solutions like Riak, MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop, and many others. In other words, the whole program will realize you how simple and quickly you may solve a new class of data management problems, connected with storing and processing data inside distributed, contemporary IT environments, such as a cloud.
NoSQL Roadshow London is also a wonderful opportunity for CEOs, CTOs, developers and NoSQL ambassadors to meet and discuss with potential clients and investors.

Some of our speakers:

Pavlo Baron Marcus Kern Ian Plosker Patrick Baumgartner
Lead Archetict at Codecentric AG CTO of Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) Technical Lead, International Operations at Basho Technologies Senior Software Consultant | Partner at Swiftmind GmbH

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