NoSQL Roadshow London 2012

Presentation: "Dynamo concepts in depth"

Time: Thursday 14:15 - 15:00 / Location: Bridewell Suite

Abstract: Amazon Dynamo paper has desrcibed a special use case oriented and actually working in practice subset of ideas and concepts which are as old as the Bavarian forest. I will explain where they came from, reference the origins, and also explain these concepts in technical depth as well as why this extract from the distributed systems theory was necessary for its special use case.

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Pavlo Baron, Lead architect at codecentric AG

Pavlo Baron

Biography: Pavlo Baron

Pavlo Baron is lead architect with codecentric AG. His passion are distributed systems and large data sets – the infrastructure behind what they call Big Data. Pavlo is frequent conference speaker and has written three German books: “Erlang/OTP”, “Pragmatic IT Architecture” and “Fragile Agile”.

Twitter: @Pavlobaron