NoSQL Roadshow London 2012

Presentation: "Real-time analytics with Apache Cassandra"

Time: Thursday 17:00 - 17:45 / Location: Bridewell Suite

In this talk we will discuss different approaches to realtime analytics, before focusing on how to build realtime analytics application using Apache Cassandra.  We will discuss why Cassandra is a good fit for these techniques and how to model the data in Cassandra.  We will also discuss some common usecases, and some more advances topics, such as algorithms for approximate analytics.

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Tom Wilkie, VP of Engineering at Acunu

Tom Wilkie

Biography: Tom Wilkie

Tom co-founded Acunu and leads the engineering team. He previous worked in a range of engineering roles at both Citrix and XenSource managing key customer projects with major enterprises. As one of the first employees at XenSource he played a key part in developing the XenServer management stack. He holds an MA in Computer Science from Cambridge University where he was also a research assistant.

Twitter: @tom_wilkie