NoSQL Search Roadshow London 2013

Mark Swarbrick, MySQL Product Specialist

Mark Swarbrick

Biography: Mark Swarbrick

Mark is originally from a Linux/Unix systems administration and security background. He specialises in new start-up company infrastructure with rapid planned growth, and has in depth involvement in the content delivery space for the last 5 years. He now specialises in the MySQL product set under Oracle. Mark is a keen motor sport enthusiast and can be found tinkering with his bikes and cars on any sunny weekend.

Presentation: MySQL and NoSQL: Best of both worlds

Time: Wednesday 12:45 - 13:30 / Location: Dollar & Dime

MySQL offers solutions to implement NoSQL concepts like auto-sharding, key-value access or asynchronous operations. This adds all known solutions from the SQL world to the NoSQL space.
The combined approach of SQL and NoSQL gives developers the choice to select whatever features from both worlds they need.

In this talk we take a deeper look at key-value access to MySQL and MySQL Cluster, auto-sharding and scalability of MySQL Cluster, mapping of schemaless key value access to a relational data model and the performance of NoSQL access to MySQL.