NoSQL Search Roadshow London 2013


08:30 Registration & Breakfast (Sponsored by Overstory)

Short Introduction

Line Christa Amanda Sørensen

Keynote: Crossing the chasm with NoSQL

Akmal B.Chaudhri

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09:45 Break
Technical Presentations Vendor Presentations

Data Governance for Regulated Industries Using Hadoop

Justin Makeig

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Killing pigs and saving Danish bacon with Riak

Matthew Revell

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10:40 Break

Con´Čéict-Free Replicated Data Types in Eventually Consistent Systems

Joel Jacobson

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Getting started with Graph Databases

Rik van Bruggen

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11:35 Coffee Break (sponsored by Overstory)

Test-Driven Data Modeling with Graphs

Ian Robinson

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Accelerating NoSQL on ioMemory

Steve Wharton

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12:35 Break

MySQL and NoSQL: Best of both worlds

Mark Swarbrick

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Transforming the way people use Legislation Information

Peter Camilleri

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13:30 Lunch (Sponsored by Overstory)
Technical Training Industry Specific Use Case

Riak Training

Matt Revell

Room: Dollar

Neo4j Training

Ian Robinson

Room: Dime

MarkLogic Training

Justin Makeig

Room: Yen

The Future of Distributed Databases: A Real World Use Case

Barry Morris

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15:15 Break

Big Memory - Scale-in vs. Scale-out

Niklas Bjorkman

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16:05 Coffee Break (Sponsored by Overstory)
16:15 (Continued) (Continued) (Continued)

The Triumph of Simplicity: how database complexity will be replaced by simple services

Ian Plosker

Room: Pound

17:00 Break

Apache Cassandra in the Real World

Jeremy Hanna

Room: Pound

17:40 Break

Surviving Data in Large Doses

Tareq Abedrabbo

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18:30 End of NoSQL Search Roadshow