NoSQL Search Roadshow Zurich 2013

Presentation: "Running NoSQL Natively on Flash"

Time: Thursday 12:45 - 13:30 / Location: Index

This presentation will focus on how NoSQL databases can utilize flash to improve performance by accessing a low latency memory tier. Flash has long been a favorite among database architects to lower DRAM requirements and improve latency regardless of workload size. Learn how new storage API primitives are changing the way storage is accessed and used by letting applications tap into the native performance characteristics of flash. The talk will also outline the new NVMFS Linux filesystem used for providing native application access to flash architectures.

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Thomas Rochner, Sr. Sales Engineer at Fusion-io

Thomas Rochner

Biography: Thomas Rochner

Thomas Rochner's role at Fusion-io is a Sales Engineer which entails working with our customers across the DACH region. He started his career in IT after his diploma in computer science in the late 1990s as a certified SAP consultant. After his consultancy activities, Thomas spent several years at EMC as a Systems Engineer within in the EMEA specialised team. After leaving EMC, Thomas worked as an Architect at Virtual Computing Environment - VCE before he joined Fusion-io in 2012.