NoSQL Search Roadshow Zurich 2013

08:30 Registration in Sequence Room, 4th floor

Keynote: The Triumph of Simplicity: how database complexity will be replaced by simple services

Ian Plosker

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09:45 Break
Technical Presentations Vendor Presentations

NoSQL takes over! Alternatives for Integration of NoSQL databases

Kai Wähner

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Killing pigs and saving Danish bacon with Riak

Joel Jacobson

Index, ground floor

10:40 Break

Yokozuna, combining Solr with Riak

Todd Tyree

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Introduction to world's leading graph database vendor: Neo Technology

Dirk Möller

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11:35 Break

Data Modeling with Graphs and Neo4j

Patrick Baumgartner

Pendulum, 4th floor

Polyglot persistence with NoSQL

Michael Lehmann, Roman Kuczynski

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12:35 Break

Do more with MongoDB and JSONiq

Ghislain Fourny

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Running NoSQL natively on Flash

Thomas Rochner

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13:30 Lunch
Technical Training Industry Specific Use Cases

Riak Training

Todd Tyree, Joel Jacobson

Tourbillion, 4th floor

Neo4j Training

Patrick Baumgartner

Index, ground floor

What (near-) realtime analytics mean for technology choice

Pavlo Baron

Pendulum, 4th floor

15:15 Break

Elasticsearch as primary storage?

Jodok Batlogg

Pendulum, 4th floor

16:10 Break
16:25 (Continued) (Continued)

Building scalable Big Data pipelines

Christian Gügi

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17:10 Break

Deal Personalization System with HBase @ Groupon

Ameya Kantikar

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18:05 End of NoSQL Search Roadshow Zurich