NoSQL Search Roadshow Berlin 2013

Sponsors of NoSQL Roadshow Berlin 2013 

NoSQL Search Roadshow Berlin 2013 is an excellent opportunity to meet some of the best software developers. Interested in sponsoring NoSQL Search Roadshow? Contact for more information regarding sponsor packages. 

Gold Sponsors


Basho is the company behind Riak, the open source, scalable, highly available key-value database that's ideal for your next web-scale project





Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, has the largest ecosystem of partners and developers and tens of thousands of successful deployments.


Silver Sponsors


adesso is one of the leading IT service providers in the German-speaking area and focuses its consulting and software development activities on a company’s core business processes. The company’s strategy is based on three pillars: the deep industry-specific know-how of its staff, the comprehensive expertise in technology and the application of reliable methods in software implementation projects. adesso employs more than 1,000 members of staff in ten offices.                 


Other sponsors


comSysto is a Munich, Germany based software company specialized in lean business and technology development. While supporting all three steps of a well-known Build-Measure-Learn lean feedback loop, they do focus on open source frameworks and software as major enablers of short agile Build-Measure-Learn iterations and fast gains in validated learning. They especially enjoy developing with Spring framework,
its subprojects, Apache Wicket, Gradle, Git, Oracle DB, Oracle BI, R, MongoDB and last but not least Apache Hadoop.

Skills Matter supports a community of 35,000 software developers to learn & share skills to write better software. Each year we organise over a 1,500 User Groups, Meetups, Conferneces and Courses on Open Source & Progressive Technologies, plus Software Development Best Practices. Even if you're outside the reach of our London and NYC headquarters, there's still loads to get your teeth into. Visit our website at ( where you will find thousands of hours of Skillscasts - our video recording of our events. Of course, our Skillscasts are free to watch for all, regardless of where you find yourself!;
GigaSpaces Technologies is the pioneer of a new generation of application virtualization platforms and a leading provider of end-to-end scaling solutions for distributed, mission-critical application environments, and cloud enabling technologies. GigaSpaces complementary solutions are XAP Elastic Application Platform and Cloudify - Easy Deployment of Mission Critical Applications to the Cloud.
The Oracle Technology Network is the world‘s largest community of application developers, database admins, system admins/developers, and architects using industry-standard technologies like Linux, MySQL, Java, and PHP in combination with Oracle products. Visit for technical content, downloads, forums and more.


Trifork develops products and solutions to the financial, government, manufactoring and telecom sector. In order to maintain our position as technological front runners, Trifork organizes software development conferences, training courses and technological networks nationally and internationally.


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