NoSQL Search Roadshow Copenhagen 2013

Presentation: "Test-Driven Data Modeling with Graphs"

Time: Thursday 10:40 - 11:25 / Location: To be announced

In this session you'll learn how to design and implement a data model for a graph database-backed solution. With a focus on test-driven, incremental and iterative development, I'll show how to build a flexible and expressive graph model and related queries that map closely to your domain needs, and which can be evolved as your application evolves.

Ian Robinson, Author of 'Graph Databases' and 'Rest in Practice'

Ian Robinson

Biography: Ian Robinson

Ian joined Neo Technology as Director of Customer Success, managing training, professional services and support, and working with customers to design and develop graph database solutions. He now works on research and development for future versions of the Neo4j graph database. He is a co-author of 'Graph Databases' (O'Reilly) and 'REST in Practice' (O'Reilly), and a contributor to 'REST: From Research to Practice' (Springer) and 'Service Design Patterns' (Addison-Wesley). He presents at conferences worldwide on REST, and on the graph capabilities of Neo4j, and blogs at

Twitter: @iansrobinson