NoSQL Search Roadshow Copenhagen 2013

08:30 Registration
Technical Presentations Vendor & Use Case Presentations

Keynote: NoSQL - Five Years On, Five Years Hence

Tony Falco

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Keynote: NoSQL, NewSQL, ...Status Quo, Newcomers and some Future Predictions

Stefan Edlich

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Big Memory – Scale-in vs. Scale-out

Joachim Wester

Room 1 

NoSQL Infrastructure

David Mytton

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MySQL and NoSQL: Best of both worlds

Ted Wennmark

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Getting started with Graph Databases

Rik Van Bruggen

Room 2

11:25 Break

Test-Driven Data Modeling with Graphs

Ian Robinson

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Killing pigs and saving Danish bacon with Riak

Matthew Revell

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How to use Riak incorrectly; helpful tips from Hosted Graphite

Charlie von Metzradt

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Running NoSQL Natively on Flash

Salvatore Buccoliero

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13:15 Lunch
Technical Training Vendor & Use Case Presentations


Riak Training

Seth Thomas

Room 2


Neo4j Training

Ian Robinson

Room 3

Using MongoDB as a casually agile data store in the enterprise

Mogens Heller Grabe

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Counting events reliably in real-time with storm and riak

Frank Schroeder

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15:50 Break
16:05 (Continued) (Continued)

Splunk in Operations of NoSQL

Karsten Thygesen

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High Performance Queue Storage

Marcus Kern

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17:40 Meet the Speakers & Reception, sponsored by Orchestrate