NoSQL Search Roadshow Zurich 2013

Workshop: "Neo4j Training"

Time: Thursday 14:30 - 18:05 / Location: Index

This tutorial covers the core functionality of the Neo4j graph database. With a mixture of theory and hands-on practice sessions, attendees will quickly learn how easy it is to develop a Neo4j-backed application.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Neo4j
  • Overview of Cypher query language
  • Data modelling
  • Social use cases including recommendations
  • Other case studies in real world domains
  • Opportunity to consult on current projects, possible implementations and proof of concepts

Attendees won't need any previous experience with Neo4j, NOSQL databases or specific development languages, but will need their own laptop with Neo4j installed.


Patrick Baumgartner, Senior Software Consultant | Partner at Swiftmind GmbH

Patrick Baumgartner

Biography: Patrick Baumgartner

Patrick Baumgartner is co-founder of Swiftmind, a Swiss software company that helps companies maximize their software product's potential by consulting them on best practices for software architecture, design, implementation, and testing, with a focus on enterprise Java applications, the Spring Framework, OSGi, and agile engineering practices. As an experienced senior software architect and Agilista, Patrick has worked on projects in the financial, government, and industrial sectors. He is a VMware / SpringSource Certified Instructor (trainer) and co-author of the German book "OSGi für Praktiker".

Twitter: @patbaumgartner