NoSQL Search Roadshow Zurich 2013

Ghislain Fourny, Software Architect at 28msec

Ghislain Fourny

Biography: Ghislain Fourny

Ghislain Fourny is a Software Architect at 28msec, a startup based in Palo Alto and Zurich. 28msec provides scalable query technologies for NoSQL stores, turning them into full-fledged databases. Its flagship product is the platform, which seamlessly integrates the execution of JSONiq queries against existing MongoDB stores. Ghislain holds a Master's degree in Computer Science and a Doctorate in Science from ETH Zürich. He is a member of the W3C XML Query Working Group, and a co-author of the JSONiq specification. JSONiq is developed in cooperation with Oracle and EMC and is already supported by several implementations like the open-source Zorba NoSQL engine or IBM Websphere.

Twitter: @28msec

Presentation: Do more with MongoDB and JSONiq

Time: Thursday 12:45 - 13:30 / Location: Pendulum

NoSQL marks the transition from 40 years of tables with flat, homogeneous data to collections of arborescent, heterogenous data.

JSONiq is a functional, declarative, optimizable language tailor-made for querying and updating NoSQL data such as JSON, BSON or XML. It inherits all the good in SQL like filtering, projecting, joining, grouping, but also embraces the specificities of tree-like, schemaless data. JSONiq's goal is to federate NoSQL data stores, like MongoDB, providing a standard way of talking to them all -- like SQL against relational databases.

After a short motivating introduction, a demo is given showing how JSONiq is used on top of MongoDB, or how it can perform joins between different data sources.