NoSQL Search Roadshow Amsterdam 2013

Jettro Coenradie, Senior Software Architect at Trifork

Jettro Coenradie

Biography: Jettro Coenradie

Jettro has been creating software for around 15 years. Going from html/JavaScript to Visual Basic, c++ and Java. The most recent years he came back from java to JavaScript by using technologies like Node.js and AngularJS. Currently Jettro is working as a Software Architect for Trifork Amsterdam. Jettro gained experience with content management as an architect for multiple bigger projects in The Netherlands. When working with content he understood that searching within the content is a very specific topic. Jettro started to learn about tools like Solr and Elasticsearch. When learning about search technologies Jettro found out there is more in these tools than pure search. That is what he likes to talk about and implement in his current projects.
If you are curious about what Jettro is doing check one of his blogs: and

Twitter: @jettroCoenradie

Presentation: Search: the right tool, but what's the job?

Time: Thursday 17:20 - 18:05 / Location: Room 11

All around you, people are talking about dedicated open source search solutions. You can be the one who says "we have been doing search for ages, why do I need something new?". You can also be the one who says "I think search sounds interesting, but I am not sure what to use it for?". If one of these questions is about you, than this is the presentation you want to attend. In this presentation Jettro will discuss the basic ideas around search. You will learn about the features that open source search engines offer and how you can use these features to fulfill your job. Jettro will talk about the following topics: inverted index, stemming, facets and what you can use it for. On top of that you will also learn the basics about scalability using sharding and replication. At last I also give you a sneak peak into your future and what other things search solutions can do for you (eq real time analytics and log analysis).