NoSQL Search Roadshow Copenhagen 2013

Frank Schroeder, CAS Team Lead at eBay

Frank Schroeder

Biography: Frank Schroeder

Frank Schröder has been writing software for more than 20 years and likes designing and building scalable architectures that work, are robust and easy to maintain. Besides server development he has also managed data centers, provided 24x7 support and written iPhone and JavaScript applications. Currently, he is working for the eBay Classifieds Group in Amsterdam at Marktplaats taking their classifieds ads system to the next level. After surviving riding his motorcycle in Cameroon for three years he is spending his free time now more solemnly by spending time with his wife and kid and writing software in Go (the language).

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Presentation: Counting events reliably in real-time with storm and riak

Time: To be announced / Location: To be announced

At Marktplaats I am responsible for the pay-per-click advertisement product called Admarkt. Our customers can place ads which are then viewed by visitors of our website which is one of the largest in the Netherlands. The placement of the ads, the billing and ultimately our revenue depend highly on how quickly and accurately we can keep track of changes and propagate them through the system.

In this presentation I am going to describe how we use a combination of Twitters' storm, bashos' riak and some simple but clever data structures to count tens to hundreds of millions of events per day in real time while being able to scale horizontally, be robust against failures and survive performance peaks.