NoSQL Search Roadshow San Francisco 2013

Sponsors of NoSQL Roadshow San Francisco 2013 

NoSQL Search Roadshow San Francisco 2013 is an excellent opportunity to meet some of the best software developers. Interested in sponsoring NoSQL Search Roadshow? Contact for more information regarding sponsor packages.

Gold Sponsors


Basho is the company behind Riak, the open source, scalable, highly available key-value database that's ideal for your next web-scale project

Other Sponsors

Since 1988 Objectivity, Inc. has been the Enterprise NoSQL leader, helping customers harness the power of Big Data. Their leading edge technologies: InfiniteGraph, The Distributed Graph Database™ and Objectivity/DB, a distributed and scalable object management database.
Happy Hour Sponsor: Orchestrate, Inc was founded in 2013 by a team that has built, and helped others build, large scale web and mobile apps. They have worked with enterprises and startups alike and watched them struggle to solve the same problem over and over.
Lunch sponsor: Elasticsearch, flexible and powerful open source, distributed real-time search and analytics engine for the cloud.


Lanyard sponsor: Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, has the largest ecosystem of partners and developers and tens of thousands of successful deployments 


Chocolate Overload sponsor: Think Big Analytics provides Big Analytics services that deliver insight and value from Big Data investments.


Trifork develops products and solutions to the financial, government, manufactoring and telecom sector. In order to maintain our position as technological front runners, Trifork organizes software development conferences, training courses and technological networks nationally and internationally.

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