NoSQL Search Roadshow San Francisco 2013

08:30 Registration
Technical Presentations Vendor & Use Case Presentations

Keynote: NoSQL: Five Years On, Five Years Hence

Tony Falco

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Considerations for using NoSQL technology on your next IT project

Akmal B.Chaudhri

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From Big Data to Big Information

Dean Wampler

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Cloud Datastore: A NoSQL Database at Google Scale

Randy Shoup

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NoSQL Destilled: A Brief Guide to the Emerging World of Polyglot Persistence

Pramoud Sadalage

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11:25 Break

Introduction to Riak and the Future of Search in Distributed Systems

Andy Gross

Robertson Auditorium 2

Globally Distributed Cloud Applications at Netflix

Adrian Cockroft

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Realtime Big Data Analytics with Storm

Ron Bodkin 

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Extracting Extra Value From The Billions Or Trillions Of Relationships In Your Existing Database Or Big Data System

Leon Guzenda

Robertson Auditorium 3


Lunch sponsored by Elasticsearch

Robertson Auditorium 1

Technical Training Vendor & Use Case Presentations

Riak Training

Nathan Aschbacher

Robertson Auditorium 2

Real-Time Care & Feeding

Drew Raines

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Why you must use a graph database or fail

David Montag

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15:50 Break 'Chocolate Overload' sponsored by Think Big Analytics
16:05 (Continued)

Use Cases and Business Benefits of Data at Velocity and Scale

Michael Shaler

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Searching Billions of Product Logs in Real Time 

Ryan Tabora

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Meet the Speakers & Reception, sponsored by Orchestrate

Robertson Foyer