NoSQL Search Roadshow Zurich 2013

Christian Gügi, Solutions Architect at YMC

Christian Gügi

Biography: Christian Gügi

Christian works as a consultant and solutions architect at YMC, based in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. His focus is on large scale parallel and distributed computations, together with Big Data analytics. He is also the founder and organiser of the Swiss Big Data user group, which currently has 300+ members. In addition, he regularly speak at national and international conferences.

Twitter: @chrisgugi

Presentation: Building scalable Big Data pipelines

Time: Thursday 16:25 - 17:10 / Location: Pendulum

We are witnessing a paradigm shift from batch based data processing to real-time data processing using the Hadoop framework. Despite this progress it is still a challenge to process web-scale data in real-time. A lot of technologies can be used to create such a complete data processing system - but to choose the right tools, to incorporate and orchestrate them is complex and daunting.  

This talk shows how to apply technologies like Kafka, Storm, Hadoop and various NoSQL databases to build a scalable and robust system. It also describes the “Lambda Architecture”, a set of principles that defines how batch and stream processing can work together to solve real-time problems.