NoSQL Search Roadshow Zurich 2013

Joel Jacobson, Technical Evangelist at Basho

Joel Jacobson

Biography: Joel Jacobson

Joel is a Technical Evangelist at Basho Technologies, where he helps build the Riak community across Europe. Prior to joining Basho, Joel worked closely with Neo Technologies as part of his role at the consultancy OpenCredo.
Twitter: @joeljacobson

Presentation: Killing pigs and saving Danish bacon with Riak

Time: Thursday 09:55 - 10:40 / Location: Index

There are two things we should all demand whenever we choose a database: 

  • Uptime: it should be available for reads and writes whenever we need it.
  • Scalability: our chosen database should grow with the success of our project.

Riak is an open source key-value database that is fault tolerant, highly available and scales with ease.

Even when nodes go down, Riak stay up for reads and writes. And when your needs grow, scaling Riak is as simple as adding new nodes to your cluster.

In this talk we'll look at real-world production uses of Riak at organisations including:

  • Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds
  • The Danish national health service
  • Temetra, the utility metering company.

Come and find out how Riak can ensure your application remains available through disasters and sudden success.

Workshop: Riak Training

Time: Thursday 14:30 - 18:05 / Location: Tourbillion

Riak is the scalable, highly available, ops-friendly key value database that's in use at GitHub, Rovio and BestBuy.

In this session you'll learn how to work with Riak as a developer, with topics including:

  • Modelling your data in the schema-free, key-value world.
  • Taking the development environment for a spin on your laptop.
  • Add data to your Riak cluster using the REST interface.
  • Build a simple Ruby application that store and retrieves data with Riak.

All you need to attend is your laptop, the Ruby runtimes and a sense of fun!