NoSQL Search Roadshow Berlin 2013

Mario Beck, Consultant in the MySQL group at Oracle

Mario Beck

Biography: Mario Beck

Mario is Sales Consultant in the MySQL group in Oracle. His main job is to support customers throughout Europe in improving the high availability and scalability of their MySQL deployments. He is focussed on leveraging tools around MySQL, best practices and new features of MySQL to make MySQL environments more professional. Before joining the MySQL team Mario was System Engineer at Sun Microsystem's hardware organization. He specialized in datacenter operations, high availability and TCO analysis. Mario holds a degree in Computer Science from Technical University of Berlin.

Presentation: MySQL and NoSQL: Best of both worlds

Time: Thursday 16:05 - 16:55 / Location: To be announced

MySQL offers solutions to implement NoSQL concepts like auto-sharding, key-value access or asynchronous operations. This adds all known solutions from the SQL world to the NoSQL space.
The combined approach of SQL and NoSQL gives developers the choice to select whatever features from both worlds they need.

In this talk we take a deeper look at key-value access to MySQL and MySQL Cluster, auto-sharding and scalability of MySQL Cluster, mapping of schemaless key value access to a relational data model and the performance of NoSQL access to MySQL.