NoSQL Search Roadshow Berlin 2013

Peter Bourgon, Distributed Systems Engineer at SoundCloud

Peter Bourgon

Biography: Peter Bourgon

Peter Bourgon is a distributed systems and infrastructure engineer with a decade in the industry. Peter works at SoundCloud on search and discovery topics. He's an advocate for rational simplicity and highly maintainable code.


Twitter: @peterbourgon

Presentation: ElasticSearch and the Service-Oriented Architecture at SoundCloud

Time: Thursday 10:40 - 11:25 / Location: To be announced

SoundCloud revitalized its search and discovery features by investing in greenfield development of a new search infrastructure. You'll learn how we evolved that infrastructure, from a main application tightly coupled to Solr, to a loosely-coupled, service-oriented architecture backed by ElasticSearch. The talk also describes how we perform relevance ranking on our corpus, using a specialized version of PageRank.

Keywords: ElasticSearch, service oriented architecture, SOA, PageRank, scaling

Target audience: Developers faced with daunting growth projections, and/or anyone curious about service-oriented architectures at scale.