NoSQL Search Roadshow Copenhagen 2013

Karsten Thygesen, CTO, Netic A/S

Karsten Thygesen

Biography: Karsten Thygesen

Karsten is CTO of Netic and have worked with operation of complex systems with high demands for integrity, availability and scalability for more than 20 years. Karsten have a deep interest in new technologies and his recent focus have been on Riak and Splunk, which can both change the way we design, operate and understands complex systems.

Outside of computing, Karsten enjoys sailing and photography while surviving in a house with 4 teenage girls.

Twitter: @karstenthygesen

Presentation: Splunk in Operations of NOSQL

Time: Thursday 16:05 - 16:50 / Location: To be announced

This talk is about Splunk. Splunk is a generic platform for collecting and analyzing machine data, where "machine data" can be anything from logfiles, configuration files, GPS locations, database extractions and anything else. Splunk collects these data in a scalable way and by using map-reduce behind the curtains, it can do any kind of searching and reporting on both historical and realtime data. Splunk provides dashboards which can illustrate any kind of statistics extracted from the collected data. The talk will go through some of the aspects of Splunk but will also position Splunk as a tool in both operations and the higher level of management in the industry.

In modern IT, there is a continuous increase in demands to operation of IT systems, and especially standards like ISO-27000 and local law regulations can enforce separation of development and operations. However, there is also demands for quick turn-around times on bug finding/fixing which requires, that developers do have some kind of access to production systems as not everything can be replicated in test systems. Splunk is a tool, which can bridge between segregation of duties and agile/devops inspired operations.

This talk will present Splunk but also explain and demo how we use this system in the day-to-day operations of systems like FMK (The Common Medicine card) that have been mentioned many times on this conference and which utilizes Riak as NOSQL backingstore.